At Downtown Psychological Services, we have designed a simple process for connecting you to the right therapist.  After you contact us by phone or email, we will schedule you for a free, 15-minute phone consultation to find out what brings you to therapy and to answer any questions you have about our practice.

Following that discussion, we will assign you the therapist who best fits your needs and preferences. We believe, first and foremost, that comfort with your therapist is of the utmost importance to a successful therapeutic relationship. In rare instances, you may feel the dynamic is not working for you after a few meetings.  If this arises, we will help you find another therapist in our practice or elsewhere.  Our main goal is to ensure the relationship is right for you so that you can connect with and open up to your therapist so you get the most out of the process.

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Michael C. Klein, PhD

Dr. Michael C. Klein is Founder/Executive Director and Senior Psychologist at Downtown Psychological Services.  Dr. Klein holds a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Long Island University - Brooklyn Campus.  After completing his degree in 2006, he was a post-doctoral fellow, then staff psychologist at NYU’s Counseling and Behavioral Health Center. During this time, he was founding faculty and co-director of a national project aimed at improving depression care on college campuses (

Dr. Klein's career has continued to focus on working with young adults, many of whom are undergraduate and graduate students. He has treated hundreds of students and other adults utilizing short-term and long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy approaches. He currently treats adults and couples with a variety of concerns ranging from depression, anxiety, substance abuse, and ADHD to writer’s block, academic difficulties, and relationship problems.

He continues to expand his skills in post-doctoral study at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity.  He is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Barnard College in the Department of Psychology.


Melissa Tihinen, LCSW

Melissa Tihinen, LCSW is the Co-Founder/Director of Operations and Senior Therapist at Downtown Psychological Services.  She holds a Master of Social Work from New York University and a Master of Arts in Public Policy and Gender Studies from The George Washington University.  Melissa continued her post-graduate work in psychoanalysis at the Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Study Center, where she served on various committees including the Committee on Psychoanalytic Addictions Treatment. 

Melissa has extensive experience working with adults on various types of concerns including depression, anxiety, sexual assault/abuse, relationship difficulties, trauma, LGBTQ+ concerns, and substance use.  When working with individuals, Melissa draws on a variety of approaches including relational intersubjective psychoanalysis, mindfulness-based therapies, dialectical behavioral therapy among others.  She has also built a rigorous couples therapy practice and is a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist for Couples.  Additionally, she is undergoing Somatic Experiencing Training which focuses on how the body processes trauma.

In addition to her career as a therapist, Melissa worked in student affairs at several universities and enjoys working with undergraduate and graduate students.  She has worked as an advocate for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence for over 15 years in a variety of capacities.

Alex Buckner, PsyD

Dr. Alex S. Buckner is a Consulting Therapist at Downtown Psychological Services. He recently completed his doctoral degree in clinical psychology from the Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology at Yeshiva University. He has worked in a variety of settings, such as community mental health clinics, private and state inpatient hospitals, and NYU’s Counseling and Wellness Services.

Dr. Buckner enjoys working with young adults, especially with issues related to identity, relationships, sexuality, and gender. He has been trained in a number of therapeutic orientations and generally approaches his work with patients using a psychodynamic perspective. He also integrates methods from dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy depending on the unique needs of his patients. He has experience working with patients with anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, and personality issues, among others. Alex is also building his couples therapy practice and is training in Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples.

More than anything, Alex believes in being a genuine, empathetic therapist who offers honest, gentle, and supportive feedback to his patients. He strives to help his patients achieve insight into themselves, others, and the world, while at the same time helping them to develop skills to solve the problems that are affecting their lives. Dr. Buckner also serves as a clinician at Jamaica Hospital Center and has a private practice in Manhattan.

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Lauren Ginsberg, LCSW

Lauren Ginsberg, LCSW is a Consulting Therapist & Supervisor at Downtown Psychological Services. Lauren is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Psychoanalyst in private practice for over 12 years. A graduate of New York University School of Social Work, Lauren has worked in a variety of clinical settings since 1996, most recently as a clinician at NYU’s Counseling and Behavioral Health Center.

Lauren’s practice continues to focus on working with young adults addressing issues with relationships, anxiety, depression, substance abuse and trauma.  She works with both individuals and couples utilizing a variety of approaches in both short-term and long-term psychodynamic psychotherapy.  Lauren brings a depth of understanding through her psychodynamic/psychoanalytic training while including a breadth of skills including mindfulness-based modalities and hypnotherapy. Lauren also has a private practice in Manhattan.


Michelle Goggin, PhD

Michelle Goggin, Ph.D. is a consulting therapist at Downtown Psychological Services.  She holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from Long Island University-Brooklyn Campus and a B.A. in psychology from Barnard College.  After completing her degree, she worked as a staff psychologist on an acute inpatient unit and currently serves as a supervising psychologist for early-career clinicians as part of a new citywide initiative to expand access to mental health treatment.  Dr. Goggin’s clinical experience includes treating adults with anxiety, depression, and relationship difficulties as well as suicidality and self-harm. She has a particular interest and expertise in working with adults experiencing symptoms of bipolar disorder and psychosis.  Dr. Goggin works with individuals in a psychodynamically-informed manner on both a short-term and long-term basis.   Dr. Goggin also provides services for a New York City agency.

Jessica LaHood, LMSW

Jessica LaHood, LMSW joined Downtown Psychological Services as a Staff Therapist in 2017. She holds a Masters Degree in Social Work from Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. Jessica has experience working with adults with various concerns, including depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties and life transitions. As a therapist at the Safe Horizon Counseling Center, Jessica has received extensive training in providing psychotherapy to survivors of trauma, such as sexual abuse and intimate partner violence.

Jessica draws from various forms of treatment, including psychodynamic psychotherapy, mindfulness based therapies and trauma-focused psychotherapy. She collaborates with those engaged in therapy to provide an individualized treatment that best suits their needs. 

In addition to her experience as a therapist, Jessica has a background in advocacy for sexual assault survivors and has developed sexual assault prevention programming.

Alexandra Robbins, LMSW

Alexandra Robbins, LMSW joined Downtown Psychological Services P.C. as Staff Therapist in 2015. She holds a Masters of Social Work from New York University and a B.S.ed from The University of Miami where she studied psychology and education.

Alexandra has experience providing psychotherapy to various populations of adults, including people with severe mental illnesses, substance abuse issues, people of the LGBT community, and both undergraduate and graduate students with a variety of presenting concerns. Alexandra tailors her approach to meet the unique needs of the specific person she works with, drawing on a strengths-based perspective and utilizing a psychodynamic framework to inform the therapeutic process.

She continues to expand her skills by attending post-graduate seminars at various psychoanalytic institutes.



Maureen Sheridan, LMSW

Maureen Sheridan, LMSW is a Staff Therapist and Assistant Director of Operations at Downtown Psychological Services. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Rutgers University. Maureen continued her post-graduate work in psychoanalysis.

Maureen has experience working with adults on various types of concerns including depression, anxiety, sexual assault/abuse, relationship difficulties, trauma, LGBTQ+ concerns,.  Maureen draws on a variety of approaches including psychodynamic therapy, trauma-informed treatment, dialectical behavioral therapy among others.  Prior to becoming a therapist, Maureen worked for 20 years in student affairs at various colleges and universities. She enjoys working with undergraduate and graduate students.

Suzanne Sorrentino, LCSW

Suzanne Sorrentino, LCSW is a Staff Therapist & Supervisor with Downtown Psychological Services. She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work from New York University and has worked with young adults across the ethnic and socio-economic spectrum for more than a decade in community mental health and college settings.

Prior to becoming a clinical social worker, Suzanne had a career as a journalist and continues to bring a spirit of open-mindedness and inquiry to her work with clients.

Suzanne works with clients from a mindfulness-based perspective, meaning she seeks to help clients deepen their awareness and understanding of the mechanisms of their current distress, and work toward changing how they relate to their experiences in order to live with greater ease and effectiveness.